The Pros of Variable-Speed HVAC You’ll have plenty of choices to make when choosing a new cooling and heating system, and one to pay particular attention to is a variable-speed HVAC system. The benefits variable-speeds offer range from lower energy bills to quiet operation and the ability to match one to a zoning system.

Look for a system that uses variable-speed technology in blower or air handler and the compressor for the air conditioner. In the blower, the fan will run at different speeds. A variable-speed compressor normally runs on low to medium speeds, which saves energy and increases home comfort and health.

It’s quiet.

A system with a variable-speed air handler will run much more quietly. These systems ramp up slowly and gradually increases its speed. The slow startup doesn’t create noticeable sound and by the time it’s reached the middle of its cycle, many people don’t notice the sound at all.

It increases energy efficiency.

At the end of the cooling or heating cycle, variable-speed HVAC systems keep running until they’ve distributed all the conditioned air in the ductwork. It doesn’t leave cooled or heated air in the ductwork where it’s wasted.

Better air filtration.

Variable-speed equipment runs more slowly than single-speed systems, more air passes through the air filter. Filters can trap more particulates, which removes more pollen, dust, pet dander and other irritants from the air.

Home zoning systems.

When you combine variable-speed HVAC technology with a home zoning system, not only will you save energy, you’ll also increase the comfort throughout your home.

It removes more humidity.

When the air conditioner runs, water condenses on the evaporator coil that makes your home feel cooler. A variable-speed system removes even more humidity since it runs for longer periods at slower speeds. Lower humidity indoors is healthier, since mold and dust mites can’t reproduce as quickly in drier air.

If you’d like more information about variable-speed HVAC technology, contact Detmer and Sons. We provide HVAC services for Dayton-area homeowners.

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