Steps to Prepping Your HVAC for SummerSummer will be here before you know it, so as a wise homeowner, you should make sure your HVAC system is ready to meet the challenges. Yes, you can likely run your system for a while without maintenance, but sooner or later, that will catch up with you and you’ll experience malfunctions and even breakdowns. So go to work now,before your system is expected to meet the heavy demands of the summer cooling season, and do your summer HVAC prep now.

1. Schedule maintenance.

Don’t put this off till the last minute, when you need your air conditioner most. Have your system inspected so your HVAC tech can check for potential problems before you suffer a breakdown. Your tech should check the wiring, thermostat, coils, condenser, refrigerant and condensate drain to make sure everything is shipshape for summer.

2. Change filter.

You should be changing the air filter regularly anyway, but if you’re not, the advent of the summer season is a good time to do it. A clean filter ensures your air conditioner will run more efficiently, so that you pay less on your utility bill.

3. Check ductwork.

Most homeowners have little idea what condition their ductwork is in. If yours is accessible, you should have a look at it to make sure there are no gaps, cracks or holes allowing your conditioned air out. Breaches in your ductwork also allow dirt and moisture in your system, and inside your home. That can make your household air dirty, and raise your relative humidity so that you’re uncomfortable. Fix or have fixed any breaches in the ductwork.

4. Clear away obstructions.

Check for possible obstructions to good airflow, inside and out. Move furniture and drapes away from registers or vents. Clean grilles inside the home. Look around the outdoor condenser and remove all weeds, tall grass and leaves; trim back shrubs so you have at least a 2-foot clear space around the unit.

For more on summer HVAC prep, contact Detmer and Sons. We serve Dayton and the surrounding area.

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