Stay Safe and Save with These Attic Safety TipsWhile most homeowners perform home improvement tasks in the attic during the summer months, there’s no reason you can’t do certain projects in the winter as well. In fact, working in the attic in winter may have some advantages over enduring the broiling attic temperatures of summer.

Some typical tasks you might need to perform in the winter in the attic include adding insulation to the attic floor, stopping air leaks around the attic hatch, or insulating ductwork or pipes better for the winter months.

Regardless of what time of year you perform your tasks, be sure to practice attic safety. Following are some tips that will help you get through your attic projects without exposing yourself to unnecessary hazards.

Tips for Attic Safety

  1. Wear protective clothing. You may not need to go as far as a Tyvek jumpsuit and respirator — but then again you might, depending on the task. At the least, wear a long-sleeve shirt, gloves, long pants and some kind of head covering. You might need to wear at least a face mask to protect yourself from breathing insulation particles or dust. If you do opt for a respirator, choose a disposable N95. Safety glasses or goggles might also be necessary. Work boots will help protect your feet from protruding nails and other hazards.
  2. Watch your footing. Your attic is likely cramped, full of plumbing, ductwork, wires and cross braces. Don’t step on anything other than a truss or joist. Use a walk board or make a temporary platform.
  3. Provide adequate lighting. It’s best to have a work light, particularly if your attic does not have a fixed light. Bring along a bright flashlight for shining into corners.
  4. Beware of signs of animal or insect infestation. Unless you’re well informed on how to deal with pest infestations, you should probably call in a pro to deal with them. Do read up on rodent and insect infestations before you tackle them.

For more on attic safety, or to call in the pros to deal with HVAC issues in the attic, contact Detmer and Sons.

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