Safeguard Your HVAC from Home PestsMost home pests aren’t naturally native to the interior of your house. They typically originate outdoors but find a way inside, where they multiply. In some cases, the entry point as well as the breeding ground are related to your HVAC system.

Several components of cooling and heating offer access to the house plus comfortable accommodations for crawling and flying home pests. To prevent them from making themselves at home in your house, stay on top of potential HVAC issues like these:

Check the ductwork.

One of the most frequent access points for pests is HVAC ductwork. Routed through pest-friendly areas such as the attic and crawl space, ducts provide a sheltered route to travel throughout your entire premises. Ductwork is prone to deterioration and small gaps allow vermin easy entry. Have your ducts inspected by a qualified HVAC contractor and then sealed, if necessary, to prevent vermin infestation. Sealed ducts also improve HVAC performance and lower operating costs.

Look for water sources.

Pests are attracted to moisture. Check the condensation drip pan located underneath the central A/C indoor air handler. It’s normal for it to be wet when the system’s running. However, standing water in the pan may be an indication that the condensate drain system is sluggish. It’s also a magnet for creepy crawlers seeking moisture. If you notice water accumulating in the drip pan call for professional HVAC service to check the drain line.

Pay attention to humidity.

Humidity reduction is a a critical function of air conditioning. It also helps prevent thriving pest infestations. Potential air conditioning issues that affect humidity include a unit that “short cycles”—turning on and off too rapidly to support proper humidity reduction—as well as a low refrigerant charge (usually the result of a leak) that reduces efficient humidity extraction at the evaporator coil. A dirty evaporator coil can also impair proper humidity reduction. Refrigerant and coil issues require the equipment and expertise of a qualified pro to diagnose and repair.

For advice and service to keep home pests out of your HVAC system, contact Detmer and Sons.

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