HVAC Inspection: Why it's ImportantMany homeowners take critically-important household systems like the HVAC for granted until problems develop. Being proactive about HVAC care by having a regular HVAC inspection performed is a wiser approach. A timely inspection by a knowledgeable HVAC professional can help you avoid unnecessary discomfort, high energy bills and costly, unexpected repairs or equipment replacements.

How Often Are HVAC Inspections Needed?

Ideally, your HVAC should be inspected before the start of each heating and cooling season, and in special situations, such as when you’re buying a home and having the property inspected. A thorough HVAC inspection, along with seasonal preventive maintenance that includes cleaning and tuning up the equipment, is important for your peace of mind about:

Energy efficiency. Regularly inspected, tuned-up equipment can run at maximum efficiency, so you won’t experience the energy waste and higher-than-necessary utility bills that often occur when maintenance is neglected.

Breakdowns and failures. Inspections give an HVAC technician a chance to identify developing issues while they’re still minor, so you can get problems fixed before they cause a breakdown that needs an extensive repair, or worse, a component failure that requires a premature replacement.

Equipment lifespan. Just like any other kind of mechanical equipment, your HVAC components will last longer if they’re inspected regularly and receive timely preventive maintenance and care.

Safe operation. Routine inspections not only help you avoid costly repairs and early equipment failures, they also ensure that your furnace or air conditioner stays operating safely. For instance, an inspection may reveal a cracked heat exchanger or vent system blockage that sends deadly carbon monoxide into your air supply, or a wiring short circuit that poses a risk of fire.

System condition and functionality. It’s usual to have a house-wide inspection completed when buying a home, but an HVAC-specific inspection is important too. A pre-purchase HVAC inspection provides invaluable information like the approximate age and efficiency level of a home’s comfort equipment, whether it’s been well maintained, if it needs any repairs, and its expected remaining lifespan.

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