High-Tech HVAC Products for High-Tech MonthIf you didn’t score all the high-tech gadgets you were hoping for during the holidays, it’s not too late. January will be celebrated internationally as High-Tech Month — so what better opportunity than to load up on new gizmos with all that holiday cash you received?

As you’re shopping, don’t forget to check out the latest in high-tech HVAC products that can boost the comfort level in your home, while increasing energy efficiency and optimizing convenience of operation.

Here are some of our recommendations.

Wi-fi thermostat.

These thermostats are the last word in convenience, allowing you to operate your HVAC system from near or far. Just load an app on a smart device, and enjoy the ease of lowering or raising your home’s temperature as needed. You can even opt for notifications about local weather that allow you to make smart decisions about thermostat settings. You can also create a schedule through the app to automatically raise or lower temperatures during those periods when you’re away from home or sleeping, so that you don’t use as much energy. Wi-fi thermostats have the added advantage of being easier to operate than the programmable models.

Air purifier.

Air purifiers, also known as air cleaners, come in many different guises, and are designed to deal with a variety of pollutants that adversely affect indoor air quality, including mold, pet dander, dust, volatile organic compounds, dust and others. They may be compact or portable models that you can move around, or more sophisticated technology that is installed in your HVAC system. Consult with your HVAC company to learn more about the type of pollutant you want to control, and which technology is best to control it.

Indoor air quality monitor.

When you’re talking IAQ monitors, most people think of monitoring for carbon monoxide (CO). But some monitors these days are also designed to detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon dioxide (CO2), humidity, radon and others.

Want to learn more about how these high-tech HVAC products can improve your comfort and quality of life? Contact Detmer and Sons. We’ve served Dayton since 1978.

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