Get Through the Dog Days of Summer with Your HVACSummer weather in Dayton is warm and humid, no doubt about it. What’s more, in the dog days of summer, extreme heat waves do occur, causing us to run our air conditioners pretty much continuously.

If your A/C is performing at its peak, you shouldn’t have any trouble keeping cool this summer. However, there are some things you can do to maximize comfort and energy efficiency, thereby keeping your utility bill well under control.

Indoor Tips for Defeating the Heat

1. Use ceiling fans. Running a ceiling or portable fan helps perspiration on your skill evaporate so you feel a bit of “wind chill” and you don’t have to turn your thermostat way down to cool off.

2. Make sure vents or grilles are not blocked. Your A/C won’t distribute cool air where it should be going if vents are blocked. This can also create a pressure imbalance so the system runs inefficiently.

3. Keep the air filter changed. A dirty air filter will not only slow down air flow so that your system can’t cool efficiently, but will also prevent your air conditioner from dehumidifying your home properly. Make sure the filter is changed as often as the manufacturer recommends — more often if you have shedding pets and lots of traffic in your home.

Tips for Keeping Your Cool Outdoors

You can’t stay inside the house all summer, as comfortable as it is. But when you do go outside, exercise caution to prevent overheating. Here are some tips to get through those dog days of summer.

1. Exercise or do yard work in the mornings or late evenings before the sun comes up or after it goes down. If you can’t exercise except during the hot hours, you may want to enroll in a gym.

2. Wear loose, light, cotton garments, or synthetic garments that wick perspiration.

3. Stay hydrated. Taking in enough water to compensate for moisture loss is the best thing you can do to stay well in the heat.

For more on getting through the dog days of summer, contact Detmer and Sons of Dayton.

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