Avoid Overworking Your HVAC This SummerYou’re running your A/C, but the house still isn’t very comfortable. Plus, the system just broke down for the umpteenth time, and your energy bills are skyrocketing. The problem might be that you’re overworking it.

An overworked HVAC system can make your house uncomfortable, shorten the life of your system, and more. Here are some of the signs of overworking and how to avoid them.

Rising Energy Costs

How much are you paying in utilities, compared to this time last year? It’s important to save your bills from year to year and compare them. Are you paying more every year? Are you using more energy overall? If so, your system might be overworked.

Disparate Temperatures

No matter how you set your HVAC system, there’s one room that just never seems to get comfortable. One side is too hot, the other is too cold, and the disparity makes things clammy. Plus, your system cycles on and off constantly. This likely means it’s too big for your house. Call your HVAC technician to install a new system and have it professionally sized.

Thermostat Wars

Even if your system is the perfect size, there may still be disparate temperatures in your home. Your kids upstairs are too hot, so they turn the thermostat down. Meanwhile you’re downstairs in the living room, and it’s too cold, so you turn it back up. If your whole house’s temperature is regulated by a single thermostat, then these thermostat wars can go back and forth all summer, overworking your system and raising your energy bills. Consider a zoning system that heats and cools each section of the house according to its needs, lowering your bills and preventing thermostat wars.

Frequent Repairs

An overworked HVAC system wears out quickly and breaks down a lot. If you have to call a technician more than twice in a season, and are experiencing some of the above problems as well, you’re likely overworking your A/C.

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