Winter Savings for A/C ReplacementWith cold weather returning to southwest Ohio, the last thing on your mind is likely your air conditioner. The cooling system has made it through another summer, and you can forget about it till next April or May. Yet, if you have an A/C replacement on your radar in the next year, now is probably your best time to pull the trigger on an upgrade.

Reasons to Upgrade in Winter

Here are some reasons why the off-season is a great time for an A/C replacement:

  • Prices are likely to be lower now, at the end of the cooling season, than they will be closer to spring when demand increases. Even waiting till mid-winter may be too late, since that’s when a lot of HVAC contractors begin stocking the newest, more expensive cooling systems.
  • Your installers could have an easier, more comfortable work environment during cooler weather if your A/C is located in an attic that gets very hot during the summer. Less time means a less costly installation.
  • If your air conditioning system is near the end of its service life, it’s better to replace it now than wait till the first hot day of the cooling season, when the equipment is more likely to fail under the suddenly heavy workload.
  • Scheduling a replacement in the fall will be easier than waiting till the busy season next spring, or further into this year’s busy heating season. You’ll also have more time to make a considered, well-researched decision on what cooling system to buy than during an emergency situation next spring.

Guidelines When Replacing Your System

Whenever you decide to replace your home’s cooling system, whether fall, winter, spring or summer, remember the following guidelines:

1) Shop with a trusted, reputable HVAC contractor.

2) Discuss what level of energy efficiency you’ll want in a new A/C (more energy-efficient A/Cs cost more to buy but operate for less energy and money month to month).

3) Ask your contractor what sort of advanced features will improve cooling performance and efficiency at a reasonable cost.

To discuss an A/C replacement for your Dayton area home this fall, please contact us at Detmer & Sons.

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