Why You Should Have an HVAC Inspection by a ProDoes a pre-sale home inspection include a thorough HVAC inspection, too? Unfortunately, usually not. Most home inspectors are qualified in structural issues, plumbing and electrical. However, they are typically not specifically trained to evaluate heating and air conditioning systems. In fact, the HVAC portion of a home inspection often consists of simply verifying that the unit powers up and blows some cool or warm air. This is not sufficient to appraise the true present state of the system nor estimate how long it is likely to last.

Here are four good reasons to schedule an HVAC inspection by a professional heating and cooling contractor as part of the pre-sale home inspection process:

  • The condition of HVAC units will have a major impact on monthly living costs. Even a well-maintained, functional system can account for over 40 percent of monthly energy costs. Outmoded, faulty or neglected cooling and heating systems will impose substantially higher operating expenses from day one after you purchase the home.
  • If either the air conditioner or furnace (or both) will likely require replacement in the near future, that’s important information to consider before making a buying decision. Replacement of individual system components is rarely worth the cost once the unit has exceeded two-thirds of its expected service life. If you are going to be faced with purchasing an entirely new system in the near term, you will need to prepare in advance for that expenditure.
  • HVAC entails more than just the A/C and furnace. You need to know the condition of the home’s ductwork, as well. Aging, deteriorating residential ductwork typically leaks large volume of cooled or heated air, significantly increasing operating costs and decreasing household comfort.
  • The seller may not be the best source for information. The required pre-sale seller’s disclosure may not accurately depict the condition of HVAC units nor report important facts such as the record of annual preventive maintenance by a qualified contractor or major component repairs that are needed.

To schedule a pre-sale HVAC inspection by a qualified heating/cooling professional, contact Detmer and Sons.

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