What Causes Hot Air to Blow When Your System is Set to "Cool"Are you having trouble with your HVAC system blowing hot air even though you know for a fact that it’s set to “cool”? Let’s explore how HVAC settings and other factors might be causing you issues, and what you can do when nothing else is working to fix the problem.

Thermostat’s Battery Needs a Replacement

The simplest solution is often the most common. Most thermostats run on a battery, and when that battery starts wearing out, the functionalities of the device can be negatively affected. Modern thermostats feature either a beeping tone or flashing light to indicate that a battery needs to be replaced, but even if neither of those are occurring, it doesn’t hurt to replace the batteries anyway and see if that fixes the problem.

Thermostat is Faulty

Modern thermostats are certainly built to last, but that doesn’t mean they’re infallible or won’t malfunction over time. It’s possible that your thermostat has simply become worn out. If that’s the case, call an HVAC technician and get it checked out to see if replacement of the entire unit is necessary.

Outdoor Unit is Clogged

As we move further into the fall season, the chances of debris such as leaves and dirt clogging up your outdoor unit increases. When this happens, it can keep your system from cooling the air before it’s distributed throughout your home. The solution here is a simple one – just clean off the unit and spray it down with a hose. Just make sure you don’t miss any of the cracks and crevices, just to be sure.

Professional Service Is Required

If none of the above issues seem to be a problem, then your HVAC system might need to be serviced for electrical issues or other problems. If that’s the case, it’s time to call a qualified technician to take a look at the system and advise you on how to proceed.

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