HVAC Checklist for Post-Holiday MaintenanceEven if you managed to keep your home tidy and in order over the holidays, there’s still work to be done. We’ve compiled a few post-holiday tips for your HVAC checklist that will help keep your home running smoothly all year round.

Schedule Seasonal Maintenance

If you weren’t able to hire a qualified technician for your HVAC system’s yearly checkup before the holidays, this is your opportunity to make amends. Doing so will maximize your system’s efficiency and prolong its lifespan. And if there are any problems that need repair, a technician can point them out and get them fixed.

Take a Look at Your Thermostat’s Settings

Over the holidays, it’s common for your thermostat’s settings to be a little out of whack. Perhaps you were making changes to accommodate a family member’s tendency to be cold or maybe one of the youngsters running around started fiddling with the controls. Either way, now’s your chance to put things right again.

Clean or Replace the Air Filter

There’s a good chance that you’ve been running your heating system a lot over the holidays, so you should definitely check your air filter. If it’s clogged up with dirt and debris, either clean or replace it, depending on what type of filter the system uses.

Seal Any New Air Leaks

With everyone coming and going in your home over the holidays, there’s a good chance that gaps and cracks may have appeared around the doors and windows. Depending on their size and location, you will want to seal them with either caulking, weatherstripping, or spray foam. Also, take a look at your ductwork just in case.

Check Your HVAC Registers

It’s easy for your HVAC registers to get blocked by boxes, furniture, or other such items over the holidays. Once all of your guests have left and things are back to normal, take a little time to make sure that the registers are allowing for proper airflow.

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