Fireplace Heating: Does It Efficiently Heat Your Home?When the temperatures drop in the Dayton area, it’s a great time to start using your fireplace. While this might seem like a more efficient and cost-effective way to heat your home, how much can you rely on fireplace warmth? Keep the following heating information in mind during the cooler part of the year.

Ways to Help Your Fireplace Warm Up Your Home

Your fireplace only produces a certain amount of heat. This heat mainly affects the area near your fireplace, such as your living room or den. Your fireplace might be able to heat your home better if you have an open concept floor plan or if it’s located in the middle of a ranch-style home. Although you can’t depend on your fireplace to heat up areas of your home that are farther away, there are steps you can take to distribute this warmth to some degree, such as:

  • Reversing the direction on your ceiling fans: Doing this helps pull warmer air up to the ceiling and out toward the walls, so that it can come back down and heat up the room.
  • Turning on the fan setting on your HVAC system: This helps blow heated air from your fireplace area to other parts of your home.
  • Doing minor renovations to improve air flow: Adding transoms over doors in ranch homes or pass through vents to rooms above in two-story homes can help boost the flow of heated air to these areas.

Efficient Heating for Your Home

Fireplace warmth might not be enough to keep your home adequately and efficiently heated, so it’s important to have other options. Your furnace or heat pump should be kept in good condition in order to heat your Dayton home with maximum efficiency. Consider having HVAC maintenance done, change your filters, and think about replacing an aging heating system with a more energy-efficient one. This helps ensure that your home will stay toasty all winter long.

If your heating system needs maintenance for winter, please contact Detmer and Sons. Our HVAC experts can ensure that your Dayton home stays warm throughout the season.


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