5 HVAC History LandmarksThe history of human progress is an interesting topic. In the twentieth century alone, the Wright brothers took to the sky, Henry Ford revolutionized the automobile industry, and, something you may not know, Willis Carrier invented the modern air conditioner. Read on to learn more HVAC history inventions and see millennia of hard work behind the comfort system in your Dayton area home.

Mechanical Rotary Fan

Modern forced-air furnaces and air conditioners use a rotary fan (i.e. a blower) to push heated and cooled (“conditioned”) air through your home. The first mechanical rotary fan was invented more than two-thousand years ago in China. The mechanism could be powered by one individual — turning 10-foot wheels that spun a network of fans.

Radiant and Central Heating

Radiant and central air heating systems are the most common types of HVAC systems in America. The Greeks and Romans are often attributed for the invention of radiant and central heating. However, the first evidence of radiant heating is in China, northern Korea, and even the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. All three regions used fire to heat stones, and radiated the heat inside the living spaces from the ground up.

Electric Heating Coils

Electric resistance heating has many applications. Air-source heat pumps use them when the heating load is too much. Electric water heaters, some portable heaters, baseboard heating, and more use this technology. William Siemens invented electric resistance heating back in 1861 when he realized and demonstrated that coils produced heat when an electrical current was applied.

Modern Air Conditioner

American engineer Willis Carrier invented the modern air conditioner in 1902. He developed a coil, refrigerant, and fan system that extracted heat from the air — the same technology used today. It’s noteworthy to mention that he was actually trying to build a dehumidifier for humid factory rooms. He succeeded and exceeded his expectations. Air conditioning has made possible many, if not most, of the modern conveniences and technologies the world uses every day.

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